Carbon Laser Peel Darlinghurst

The professional carbon laser peel treatment in Darlinghurst

The non-invasive skin treatments including carbon laser peel are gaining immense popularity in Darlinghurst and Sydney due to their astonishing results. These treatments can refine the appearance of the skin and give it a distinct glow. Laser treatments are highly efficient and safe. Their effect on the skin is long lasting and visible. Carbon laser peel is one of the most popular treatments for treating acne and works wonders on acne-prone skin by helping in cleansing the skin from within. Vernalys Laser Clinic is one of the leading clinics for carbon laser treatment in Darlinghurst. We have several years of experience in providing technologically-advanced skincare treatment. Our team of professionals is highly experienced and has immense knowledge of skin care treatment and procedures. They stay updated with the latest technological advancements to suggest the best skin treatment for our valued clients.

The non-invasive carbon laser peel treatment

Carbon laser treatment is a non-invasive skin treatment. It is a very mild and stress-free treatment where you don’t need to prepare extensively. The carbon laser peel offered by Vernalys Laser Clinic in Darlinghurst is painless and less time-consuming than other procedures. The entire treatment lasts between 30-60 minutes. The duration of the treatment and the number of sessions required depends upon the texture and skin issues. Vernalys Laser clinic is an expert skin treatment solution provider in Darlinghurst. Our expert skin specialists are highly trained and skilled. They strive to comprehend the patient's concerns and suggest the best possible solutions to them. Our carbon laser peel process in Darlinghurst, designed by a team of medical specialists, is an innovative resurfacing treatment that improves the texture and the quality of the skin by getting rid of oil, bacteria and other things that lead to acne. The light beams and the properties of carbons used in this treatment effectively remove skin imperfection and achieve glowing, fresh, rejuvenating skin from within.

Get rid of pigmentation with our carbon laser Peel treatment

Pigmentation and acne can be big issues and require attention. It not only irritates and hampers your look but can also make you feel uncomfortable in your skin. A carbon laser peel is one of the best solutions to prevent acne. The process cleans the skin and controls the oil. It unclogs the pores of the skin and exfoliates it. The carbon laser peel results are evident, as you will notice brighter, clearer, and glowing skin post-treatment. Vernalys Laser Clinic is a specialist in Darlinghurst offering bespoke laser skin treatment. We strive for perfection and constantly endeavour to provide the best results to our clients. At Vernalys Laser Clinic, we first gain a complete understanding of the client’s requirements before we start any treatment. We will listen to your skin issues and key concerns before suggesting the treatment. Our team will then suggest an appropriate combination of treatment and sessions accordingly.

The carbon laser peel process

The treatment process of carbon laser peel is intricate and demands specialisation. It starts with applying a thin layer of carbon on the surface of the skin. The charcoal preparation is distributed evenly and then exposed to the light beam. The targeted areas are detailed with charcoal layering. The carbon particles absorb the light, and the vacuum suction is used to absorb the damaged cells. The process stimulates energy and promotes the synthesis of collagen in the skin cells. At the end of the process, you will find a refined skin structure with open and clear pores! Vernalys Laser Clinic’s Carbon Laser peel in Darlinghurst will give you healthy, glowing, and lively skin. To schedule an appointment, contact us on 0292675981. Get in touch with us today.
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